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Anthony Del Rizzo

                                  Anthony Del Rizzo


Anthony approaches his paintings with the inherent fascination with time and light. He believes, being at the right time at the right place is key to capturing that epic moment of sun-enriched colour and intricate shapes in nature’s abundant landscape. Anthony’s process begins with long hiking trips with camera and sketch book in hand to collect reference photography and to sketch quick studies. Back in his studio, he composes the perfect scene using select photos on his computer – carefully accentuating elements, adding elements or removing them. Taking a closer look at his work, light layers of detailed brush strokes cover an under-painting of cool and warm washes of colour. Anthony’s brush work is quick and loose throughout most of his canvas until he zeros in on the gem, adding delicate detail to create a dramatic and sometimes mysterious composition.


“As far as I can remember I have always loved to draw and paint anything and anyone. Landscape art was always my first choice having been brought up in the Ontario outdoors and in a family that was artistically skilled. My parents sent me to The Art Gallery of Ontario to sharpen my drawing skills and I believe that is when I knew I wanted to be a professional artist. Paintings always followed my fishing or canoe trips. I was obsessed in capturing a moment like an entry in a journal. Painting my travelled places feels more natural for me than talking about them.”   


Eventually Anthony’s love for art led him onto a path in design and he entered into a long and successful career in graphic design, illustration, and advertising. In the next 20 years that followed there was not a day that Anthony did not stop dreaming of being a landscape artist. Between being a husband and father (to three boys) he claims he’s lived the life of a scavenger for time – finding a few minutes here and there, late into the evenings when the kids were in bed and early in the mornings before the long day ahead. His dedication to his craft payed off and it soon found an audience in Kleinberg and Fergus. Just recently, Anthony was selected as one of the top 20 Canadian artists to participate in Makeful’s inaugural Landscape Artist of the Year “Canada” 2019 television series. He was also juried to feature in the 2020 Buckhorn Festival of the Art and Arabella Magazine’s February 2020 edition.


Anthony’s landscape paintings glorify natural moments of peace. He hopes to distract people with the overwhelming wonder of these natural blessings that keep giving while we live in these challenging times. (COVID-19)

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