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  • Jessica Hamlyn

Jessica Hamilyn

I started out sketching portraits around when I was in grade 9. I would copy a photo of some famous person and tweet it to them to see if I could get them to see it and respond. I actually got a few replies, which motivated me to sketch more. Art became my “thing” throughout high school, and I gradually got better the more I practiced and tried new things. After a co-op at a graphic design business, I decided that’s what I wanted to do. So, I went to Niagara College and studied graphic design for 3 years. During that time, I branched out to different mediums and types of art. I enjoyed experimenting with new things. Finding what I liked best. But I always came back to the classic graphite pencils and portraits. I stuck with freelancing graphic design work for a while, until I started to get into more photography and video. Capturing nature has always been one of my favourite things. A vivid sunset, a forest of trees, birds in flight.. things I loved but never could seem to recreate as well in a painting or drawing. Fine art has become more of a way to relax and something I take my time on and not always finish.. every so often I will be inspired by the colours or composition in a photo I have taken, and I’ll break out coloured pencils or acrylics and give it a shot. I’ve always been a learn as I go kind of person,

figuring out new techniques.. how to make something easier or better. I am, for the most part, self taught in the art I do. It’s been something that I’ve worked at for countless hours, bettering my talent for my own harsh critical sake. But at the same time is just something I’ve always admired and been interested in. Things like texture, and colour and contrast catch my eye and I want to recreate what I see. Which is why I do mostly realism. Always striving for a goal of perfection, knowing I’ll never get there, is a part of each piece. Ultimately I am constantly inspired by the ultimate creator, the God who created the universe and everything I love in it. And it is Him one hundred percent that I give all credit to for my talent. So, props for that. 

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