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  • >East Coast Window - 19 x 20 x 1 - Acrylic over Acrylic - Lawrence Wing
  • >Tuscan Window - 20x20x1.5 - Acrylic over Acrylic - Lawrence Wing

Lawrence Wing

Lawrence Wing is blessed with an inquisitive mind and loads of creativity. He is 80 years old now and is still painting. He made his livelihood working in the television industry. Allowing those creative juices to flow, he inspired the employees he managed to think outside the box. He encouraged them to first identify the challenge then spend 90% of their energy solving it. He lives in St. Catharines with his wife Betty enjoying a steady stream of visits in the studio from his children and grandchildren, where they can see what Papa is working on now.

His original goal with painting was to simply provide himself with a creative outlet, but it was not long before he began to realize it was much more than that. He began to attract buyers for his works and is now represented in art collections across North America.

Lawrence can paint realism very well as he learned the techniques of van Gogh, Rembrandt, de Goya and all the great masters. He is no longer satisfied painting realism, he wants to show you what he sees – he sees everything in geometric shapes.
His work provokes profound respect among collectors and Gallery owners alike for his gutsy efforts.  They create conversation, discussion and acceptance.

“We do not all see things the same way.  Not only is that okay, life is better that way.”

At the last Art Show, a fellow artist dropped by my display. After a few moments of discussion, she said " your art is really "representational realism". That just sounds right, so from this day forward that is what I will be painting.  I have been fortunate in having others enjoy my attempt at representational realism I hope you do.

Lawrence Wing
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