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Maria Gulla Orsini

Maria Gulla Orsini

MARIA GULLA, Plasticine artist - As an Honours Graduate from Brock University, I began using oil paints as my material of choice, creating landscapes that are reminiscent of the Group of Seven.  Having always loved the impasto (paint thickly applied) effects of oil paints and its application, focus was placed on each stroke, leaving behind evidence of its creation for the viewer to study.  

Plasticine, an oil based medium, replaced oil paints and the palette. Discovering how this material displayed similar impasto effects of oil paints, however adding sculptural qualities to each finished art piece. Colours are carefully kneaded together creating unique and vibrate hues. As each kneaded piece is added, not with a palette, but with my thumb, the beauty of form and movement emerges in nature.  Inspired by the human body, my landscapes are created with the underlying image of the beauty of the human form, revealing every stroke for the viewer to witness.

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