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  • Carved Spalted Maple with Live Edge - #6
  • Carved Ashwood Serving Tray #1
  • Carved Ashwood #4
  • B1 Large Maple Platter-hb
  • B2 Maple Infinity Bowl-hb
  • B3 Butternut Bowl-hb

Howard Bogusat

Howard and his wife have been carving wood since 1981. In 1989 they became full time sign carvers operating a company called, ‘Wood be Perfect’. Gold Leaf was their specialty. Evidence of their work is simply a block away outside of the Prince of Wales Hotel. Still wanting to carve, I began doing free- form sculptures having no idea what the subject matter was going to be at the outset. Most of my work is free form bowls which I like to label as “ Functional Sculpture”. Tolerances are by eye so not always exact, which is by design. No tape measure, lathe or CNC ( wood router ) is used. I only carve in the wintertime when the weather is cold and nasty outside. Summertime is busy with beekeeping and metal detecting. I also sing a barbershop quartet, so all in all, life is good.

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