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  • Awakening 30 x 60 Acrylic on Canvas $2900
  • Touched Down 30 x 40
  • Never Give Up - 48 w x 60 - $4280
  • Shining Serenity 48 x 48   - Acrylic on Canvas
  • The Feast of Light - 40 x 48 - Acrylic on Canvas

Jerzy Werbel

Jerzy Werbel attended the University of Education and Art in Poland where his career began as a painter. After several years of developing work in Poland he decided to embark on a drastic resettlement to Canada through Germany. After a considerably difficult move, he established a studio space in the South West Region of Ontario. During this time, he developed a noteworthy perspective of his newly acquired homeland. During the next 20 years Jerzy would travel across Canada indulging in the lush visual landscapes of freedom. Jerzy now continues his tracking’s though a land he calls his own.

Statement:  At first glance our land is a seemingly peaceful utopia. Its violent nature of constant evolution is so subtle to the eye it is often overlooked. Our land is a burial ground, a place of birth, a land of continued installation. I admire the static elusion our landscape represents hence obsessively continuing to document its latest installment. 

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