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  • Dance - 24 x 36 - Oil on Canvas
  • 'Out of the Blue' - 18 x 14 - Oil on Canvas - Lynn Janigan
  • twilight lj-40 x26
  • wreath
  • Round n Round
  • Shadows
  • Beyond
  • afterglow

Lynn Janigan

Lynn's work is shaped by her attentive investigation of the natural world and how memory and experience is extracted from life's observations. Often exploring new directions, either with the content or medium, Lynn relies on strong drawing skills, an interest in the human form, a keen sense of observation, and an attraction to subtle tonal values. These facets, inherent in her process, often develop into her signature haunting images. Lynn's art has found its way into several private collections and has garnered awards. Trained as a commercial artist at Dawson College and later graduating with a BFA from Concordia University, she lives and paints in Lacolle, Quebec.

It is small gestures and movements that we see the detail of life. These gestures, often familiar and perceived at once, allow us and connect us with one another through a simple recognizablemoment. My work seeks to capture the emotional inner landscape as it is juxtaposed upon the grander natural outer world. Using old and/or current photographs taken from family and regional subject matter, the captured pose or gesture acts as a catalyst to form my impression to the eventual painting.

What engages Lynn Janigan’s works are portraits of moments captured in time. They combine the inward emotional response with the outwardly directed gesture. She refrains from explicit statements and leaves room for the viewers to reach their own conclusion about what is concealed and what is revealed. The expressive use of colour, mood and mystery invite the viewer to dwell upon the paintings just a moment longer. So the less immediate emotions may be addressed.


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